Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 4 - Norfolk, VA @ 37th & Zen

On the drive to Norfolk, we were doing our usual thing, eating some saltine's and peanut butter and someone mentioned the "saltine cracker challenge." I looked it up on my phone and there's literally a wikipedia article about it. The official challenge is 6 crackers in 60 seconds. Colin, overheard the conversation while driving and says "What?! Hand me 6 crackers!" and we proceeded to time him and Randy try to accomplish the feat. Let's just say it's harder than it sounds, a lot harder, ha!
We got into Norfolk and stopped at a Lowe's to get some stuff to build a new bad ass merch display thing (Thanks Blacklist Royals for the idea) so we don't have to set that shit up every time for our buddy Jeremy to slang some merch for us. Played at a really nice restaurant/bar called 37th & Zen, REALLY nice. It seemed way to nice for us to be in, but it turned out to be just a really nice punk bar. I reccomend the green been fries for cheap eats and $2-24oz bottle Highlife and some Seared Ahi Tuna. Soooo good! We're really roughing it right? They were nice enough to give us half off so we took advantage of it. Played a pretty decent show, met some awesome people. Hung out and smoked in the van with Chris from Nothington and we were munching down on some food and Chris tells Kyle (of Nothington) to grab "Sauce Bag". We come to find out they save all their extra condiments/sauce packets and have a bag called "Sauce Bag". Being a conisuer of condiments/sauces I challenged them to a Sauce Bag off. Now we are determined to get a high variety of sauces in packets so if you know a spot we should know of, send us a msg! While sitting in the van a bum comes up to the van, that apparently Randy had already met earlier in the night and accapella'd a song with, asks us for change again. Randy speaks up right away and says "we have NO change man, we're on the road I told you that, do you not remember? Do you remember anything?" and the bum proceeded to ask him to sing the song again, just so happens, earlier Randy said we're going to steal this song and the bum said "No you won't, you won't remember 30-minutes from now. Randy drew a blank upon the question, the bum smiled and said "Told ya" and just dipped smoother than I've ever seen anyone make an exit, pedaling on his rickety ass bike into the distance. To say the least, Randy got SERVED! We had a great laugh over that one. Anyway, the singer from the first band, Alex, had us over his house, Colin and Jeremy slept in there, the rest of us in the van and in the grass. Apparently, I missed out on a rager. We got presents, too, a lot of them...THANKS ALEX! We'll need them. Woke up in the van and hit the road to Greenville, SC.

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