Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 2 - RAD FEST - Friday

Well, all I have to say is HOLY FUCK that was a good time! Rad Fest was an accomplishment of many gods, yet Chason Huggins managed to pull it off. When we woke up haggered as fuck from the pre-rad fest show our lovely host, Kelly from the Soapbox, made us breakfast but it was no match for the hangovers we had. We stumbled down town to see friendly and familiar faces everywhere and it was like we were home away from home. The Opera was already filled with a lot of people getting their Rad Fest started off the right way with a beer in hand. I actually took it easy most of the day trying to kick the headache.
After registering we rolled to the pool with 10-4 Eleanor at the Hilton to invade the mostly 60+ yr old conservative crowd in only our skibbies. Tony, the man behind The FEST, was already chillin' HARD. We hung for a bit until it was time to go check out the first band of the day, The Holy Mess, who fucking ripped and I failed to pick up their 12" before they packed up their shit, it's on my list of things to do though. We mostly stuck around 16 Taps all day and all the bands there were nothing short of amazing.
We were up right after Red City Radio, who killed it, so it was definitely time to start drinking, fast! Playing sober is almost as bad as playing blacked-out. I take that back, it's worse. Our band has a 2-beer minimum before you play, gotta loosen up! Our set was a lot of fun and so many of our friends were there it was great! Soon as we played we handed over our gear to Landmines so we could run over to check out None More Black. We love Landmines, but they understood, None More Black is a fairly rare show to catch if you don't live in the North East, even then, not too often.
None More Black were fucking awesome, they played a new song before the end, though I have no recollection at this point in the show but I heard it was awesome and a little heavier than the normal. Hmmm, I asked the rest of the guys just now if they remember anything after NMB but I just got blank faces and "uhhh's."

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