Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 3 - RAD FEST - Saturday

Woke up feeling pretty good. Today was the day I planned to hit it hard. Hit it hard, I did. We all gathered up at 1pm to see our buddies, Reverse The Curse. They didn't play to as many people as I was hoping for but they brought it none the less. So many people missed out. I'd have to say it was definitely my most enjoyed and remembered sets of the weekend. Those kids can fucking slay and it's a shame that more people don't know who they are. Check them out right now. From here out I'm going to let Randy take over writing for a minute. This shit is hard to do when I could be drinking a beer.
So we kept hittin it hard since we really had no responsibilities for the rest of the day. Got to see our wolf brother, PJ Bond play with a full band for the first time. So good, really blew me away, luckily we got to see them again later on in the night right after our boy, GDP. Shortly after this I walked outside and Ryan was obviously incoherent, asking me if he should jump through the window out front of the Soap Box. When I told him no his response was, "I'm comin to you for advice, and this is what you tell me?" So he did the next best thing and give everyone the pressed log on the window, apparently his first public wiener showing ever, that's how you KNOW Rad Fest was awesome. PJ Bond made another appearance playing Lorrie Meyer by NOFX to anyone outside of the Soap Box, and Chason naked in a garbage can. Shit was rad. Ended up at a pool party after that, where Chason was naked again telling everyone he was a "grown ass man", and dancing. Woke up the next day in our friends hotel room and rolled out early.

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