Sunday, December 6, 2009

Winter Tour 2009!

We're already on day 3 and on the road to chattanooga. I'm going to put an update of whats happened so far soon, but right now I'm cruising in the back of the van sipping on some wild turkey, so I'll wait till tomorrow and do a 3 night update! Word!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Long Time, No Blog...

Well, what can I say, we aren't good at keeping up with the blogs. Tour is an amazing thing, even if you're doing nothing at all like sitting in the lounge of the studio doing absolutely nothing but an occasional gravity bong or beer it's still a whole lot better than having to do something that almost resembles work like this here blog.

To say the least, recording the new album was nothing short of awesome. Ryan Massey and Adam Myatt were really the nicest dudes and we couldn't be happier with the way it turned out and we are really excited for everyone to hear it. We haven't got the masters back yet but the rough mixes we got back sound leaps and bounds better than anything we have recorded to date. We are very proud of this whole record.

We have Craig Horky working on our cover art who is our friend and amazing artist. He came to us with an idea after listening to our demos and it's a really awesome concept and we can't wait to see how it turns out. We are looking to get this all together by the time The FEST rolls around...Keep your fingers crossed.

Last but not least we are planning some pretty wild after FEST party's so make sure you don't pass out early!

Ride Easy,

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Photo Update!

Studio Update!

Jeez, I don't even know where to start! It's been a while since we've updated and there was a lot that happened so I'm definitely going to miss something but here we go!

When we got to Phoenix we stopped by like 3 different 7-11's and we all had 3 or 4 free 7.11oz Slurpee's from 7-11, it was 7-11 day & we were in AZ, how perfect! After that we cruised to Zac's to chill out in the pool before the show. Nothing too exciting other than a huge...water pipe and next thing you know we were at the venue. It didn't look like it was going to be very good, especially since we kind of jumped on someone elses show. But 15 minutes after getting there this chick rolls in who works for PBR and asks if we want free PBR and naturally we said fuck yeah! Then she gave us shirts and headbands and shit so we took a retarded photo for fun then played that nights show with it all on. It was pretty hilarious. The bartender girl was really nice to us and let me drink good beer from Oscar Blues with my drink tickets instead of the PBR. The other guy, who owned the place wasn't so nice until after we played then he was stoked on our band and gave us all shots of Jameson, 2 rounds. This man right here got hammered. It turned out to be a glorious night. Big thanks to Will Anderson for setting it up.

That night we took off to Oakland, another overnight drive. I have no clue if anything interesting happened because I passed the fuck out. I woke up to being pulled over by the California Highway Patrol. Apparently our trailer license plate was ripped off somehow and now this guy is on me for being asleep in the back without a seat belt...what a fucking guy! Basically we told him that we are a band and we're broke yadda yadda and he let's us off but tells me to put my seat belt on, for the second time I told him it didn't have one and he starts walking back to the cop car and looks in the window and and had the most disappointing look on his face. Sorry dude. Haha.

We drove all day and I was in and out of sleep trying to shake the hangover. I had to piss really bad and I didn't want to fuck up progress so for the first time I was going to just let loose inside a Gatorade bottle...I figured 32oz was plenty of space. I'm not going to go into detail but basically imagine me in the very back trying to hold it while randy hands me another bottle without making a mess...somehow we made it out on top. It was funny and I think is on video which may see the light of day in 2009 on the DVD I'm going to make, probably with the help of our buddies at National Underground. Anyway, we finally made it to the studio and the sun was shining down on us in more ways than one. For those of you that don't know, we have a pretty damn old van, and we are very happy we made it despite the minor troubles.

Once Ryan Massey (American Steel!!) showed up we met the engineer, Adam Myatt, who we are also working with (he's rad!) we loaded our stuff in and then he told us to get lost for a while. We didn't do much. Just looked around, to be honest so far Oakland hasn't been very exciting other than when we are in the studio and at the bar down the road that's full of nut jobs. Let's just say you could see some rap/rock groups playing there and people dressed in plaid chained pants. This is where Kyle, our camera/merch dude, had his first beer in a bar...awwww! We decided to go check out San Francisco as the sun was setting and it was a beautiful drive over the bridge (not the golden gate). We saw Alcatraz and just walked up mission street with a good buzz going. Then we came back. I'm not going to spoil everything that happens...gotta save some of that for the DVD!

Day 1

We started setting up amps and drums. Mike Urbano (from smashmouth!! ha) was there to help us set up drums and let us use his amazing kit. He's actually a really fucking cool dude and said some things that he specifically said we can not put on the video or tell anyone, but they were pretty god damn hilarious. We got a little rough of a start but at the end of the day we figured shit out and planned to hit it hard the next day. I think I mixed up the merchants story with the day we got here...but I'm not going to go back and fix everything.

Day 2

We woke up feeling good, and we got tons of shit done. Drums were nearly finished by the end of the night but we called it a little bit early because 10 hours of pure rock can get to you! We took it easy that night, just went to Merchant's bar again and had a few, we tried to play pool and sucked then came back to the studio compound. Our camera man, Kyle, had his first beer in a bar with us the night prior, then he had the privilege to try some of California's finest (or any for that matter!) for the first time. We ate all the food we had in the fridge including the bag of candy, Reese's were gone first, then Rollo's, then the kisses. Party.

Day 3

We knocked out the drums today pretty early. We even ended up recording the newest song we wrote right before we left that there are no lyrics for quite yet even but definitely is one of my favorite jams, in the words of kid dynamite, shorter faster louder. When we went to start recording guitars we found out that Colin's guitar's intonation was off pretty bad so right now they are out on a hunt to find a new bridge for it so we can make it work. Right now Adam and I are the only ones in the studio and I'm typing this out so you guys can get an idea of what's going on...I hate typing these things but I guess if you don't read them at least I can so I can remember the night before! Word!

Ride Easy!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


We'll get you updated about what happened the last few days but just wanted to let you know we have been busting our ass here in the studio and shit is sounding great! The drums sound like fucking THUNDER! It's fucking awesome. We'll post pics and videos soon as we get a chance!

Monday, July 13, 2009


July 8th, 2009

Wednesday night we met back up with GDP in Houma, LA for the first show. It was at Good Times Lounge, a little bar with a bar tender straight out of a whitesnake video. Everyone who came out was really friendly and siked on the show. Got beers poured all over us during our set, got to do a little skating with GDP around town. After the show we all went back to our friend Tucker's house for a party. He had food there for us, and a bunch of people from the show came over. Well post up some videos from some of the people, i dont think any description would do this justice. One of the kids there wanted to challenge all of us to arm wrestling and beer drinking challenges, to say the least Colin showed him how to shotgun a beer w/o leaving half of it in the can or all over yourself like he had. It was pretty hilarious.

July 9th, 2009

Thursday we woke up at Tucker's and headed out for Austin, TX. 15 minutes into the trip GDP got pulled over for not wearing his seatbelt, and right after that we got a flat tire on a draw bridge over some river. There was barely a shoulder for us to pull onto. We started changing the tire and some cops pulled up to try and block traffic for us. They told us that a lot of people and one of their cruisers have gotten thrown into the river from being parked where we were and the coast guard showed up to drag our bodies out of the water if something happened. Luckily were alive and got the tire changed. A shit ton of hours later we got to Austin, where our brakes seized up on us. Luckily Ryan knows his shit and fixed it up for us. We rolled up to the show at Snake Eyes Vinyl, pretty cool punk rock record store. Show was a good time, a couple of people came out, Daniel Joseph and GDP kill it if there's 5 people in the crowd or 500. Big shout out to Ryan's buddies Jesse and Daniel for coming out. Right after the show we took off for a long drive through the night to Las Cruces, NM full of Viveran, slush puppies, and flaming hot chile cheetos. James and I started out driving, the farthest west id been before this is Alabama, which isnt fucking west at all. So i was real siked to see so much open space and deserts and mountains.

July 10th, 2009

Friday we got into Las Cruces at about 8am and went to our friend Carli's house and met up with a bunch of friends who drove out for the show and to pick up our friend Kyle who's on the road with us now. New Mexico is the shit. We went swimming at some apartment complex and cashed a 30pk in no time, and then all went and got food at Habeneros. Green Chile Cheeseburgers are easily the best thing you can eat. After eating and being out in the sun all day we went to this park and napped under some trees. We all woke up with terrible sunburns and went to the Bacon House for the show. Didnt look like a lot of people were gonna be there at first, if any, but there was probably 75-100 kids that came out to the smallest room i think any of us have played in, I'd say 10x12 max. The first people to play were some rappers from there who passed out 6 or 7 blunts to everyone in the crowd at the beginning of the set, then later on passed out 8 more. Everyone got into GDP and Daniel Joseph's set. We didnt really have a PA there, just a mic into a guitar amp and no mic stand, so when we played people had to just hold the mic up for us. Kids went apeshit, most fun show ive played. House shows are the way to go. Everyone got wild, crowd surfing, falling into the drums, beer spills, amps coming unplugged. We even threw down on a little Guns n roses cover. After the show we were trying to go to stay at this girls house and she had no idea where she lived, so we drove in circles until she finally figured it out and was nice enough to let all 13 of us sleep all over her house and catch some showers which were definitely needed. Got up this morning and all of us walked to Burrito's R Us for some breakfast burritos, I forgot to order green chile on mine but it was still pretty fuckin tasty. We sadly parted ways with all of our New Mexican friends but luckily will be seeing most of them again on our way back from recording. We also split up with GDP because he's heading to Albuquerque, but well be partying again in San Francisco for a night or two. On the road again, heading to Phoenix now for a show at Jugheads, just went through a check point, all clear. Cant wait to get to the studio, 2 days. This is the most fun ive had and hope it keeps going this way. We'll be meeting up with a couple friends to, as GDP would say, "wile out" by the pool and take our sunburns to the next level. We want to tour forever.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Leaving Gainesville

It's thundering and raining like crazy this morning but we're in the van and on our way to California to record our first full length album "It's All Coming Down". I don't think it's really set in yet that we are on tour again. It's been a year since the last tour, a very rough year for the four of us. Bottom line, it was way too long! Not much to say except that we are really stoked to be able to have the opportunity to record with Ryan Massey of Sharkbite Studios/American Steel and we are very grateful to our family, friends, and Paper+Plastick for supporting us so much. We appreciate it more than you could imagine.

First stop is Houma, LA @ The Good Times Lounge with our good friends GDP, Pistol Pete, and Daniel Joseph from New Jersey. No local bands are playing...wish us luck!

Stay tuned,
-Spanish Gamble

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

Yesterday was the 4th of July. Colin, Randy, and I moved into a new house on the NE side of Gainesville and threw a BBQ party for our good buddy GDP from NJ ( and his fellow hip hop artists Daniel Joseph and Pistol Pete. A few other bands jumped on such as Rob Mcgregor, Stymie from TX, who were awesome, and Gomorrah who were great as well. A ton of people showed up, drank all our beer, and ate all the food, it was great. The cops only bothered us once, and a big reason why they never came back is because our buddy recognized the rookie of the two as a dude who used to be a coke dealer around gainesville, he got really nervous and speechless when our friend came up. That's the kind of fucking people we have in our justice system, it's great isn't it? Hypocrisy, the American way.

Today we are helping GDP send out some records he's been needing to send out and just taking it easy before we head off on our own tour out to Oakland, CA to record with Ryan Massey (of American Steel) at Sharkbite Studios. We managed to get GDP on a few of our shows on the way, we're really excited about it because he's one of the wildest dudes we know.

We leave early Wendesday morning and I know we're going to forget something. We're leaving with hardly any money in our pockets as usual, hopefully we'll make enough gas money to make it there and back, but I doubt it...we'll deal with that when the time comes though like we usually do.

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. Take care.